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Expanded PTFE TAPE

  • Expanded PTFE Joint Tape

    Expanded PTFE Joint Tape

    Expanded PTFE Joint Sealant is the most innovative sealing material which is made by a unique processing technical. Because it is made of pure PTFE, it has all the good performance of PTFE, at the same time; it offers excellent flexibility, high degree of compressibility, recovery, creep...Read More

  • Expanded PTFE Joint Rod

    Expanded PTFE Joint Rod

    EXPANDED PTFE JOINT SEALANT ROPE 100% pure expanded PTFE Sealants . It's an idea sealant for most pipe fitting and equipments flanges sealing Extremely wide range of uses in: * Low stress to seal requirements help protect flagile flange and delicate assemblies. * Higher resistant to creep...Read More

TECHO is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of various sealing products in China. We have skillful and experienced workers in our factory. Now take action to wholesale quality expanded PTFE tape, gore PTFE tape, valve stem packing made in China with us.