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  • High Temperature IX Ring Joint Gasket

    High Temperature IX Ring Joint Gasket

    The IX Seal-rings are designed and used where the NORSOK CFC (Compact Flange Connections) are in use. The rings come in three different kinds of steel and are coated with PTFE in varying colours in order to distinguish between them. Standard identification NORSOK STANDARD L-005 (NCF5).Read More

  • Inconel Ring Joint Gasket

    Inconel Ring Joint Gasket

    A lens type gasket is a line contact seal for use in high pressure piping systems and in pressure vessel heads. The lens cross section is a spherical gasket surface and requires special machining on the flanges. These gaskets will seat with a small bolt load since the contact area is very small...Read More

  • SRX Type Ring Joint Gasket

    SRX Type Ring Joint Gasket

    Type SRX and SBX gaskets per API 17D for Subsea Wellhead and Tree Equipment are vented to prevent pressure lock when connections are made up underwater. They have identical measurements to RX and BX ring gaskets with the same number designation, and they will fit the same corresponding...Read More

  • Graphite Kamprofile Gasket

    Graphite Kamprofile Gasket

    Code: Kamprofile Gasket The Petrochemical and Chemical industries benefit too, as the gaskets are used in applications where high pressures and temperatures are maintained and consequently high bolt loads need to be controlled. For flange protection the Camprofile gaskets are normally used in...Read More

  • Kammprofile Gasket With Integral Outer Ring

    Kammprofile Gasket With Integral Outer Ring

    Kamprofile Gasket With Loose Outer Ring utilizes a loose fitting guide ring. This popular design is preferred to be used for nominal pipe size and pressure class raised face flanges and is used in equipment with excessive radial shear characteristics, thermal cycling, and expansions. The sealing...Read More

  • Serrated Gasket

    Serrated Gasket

    1.reprocess the metal gasket to be wave-shaped (mechanical punching) 2. suitable materials: soft steel, stainless steel, galvanizaiton steel plate, chrome steel plate, copper, brass copper, Monel alloy. 3.thickness:0.3~3mm, the distance between wave peaks: 2.0—6.5mm 4. application: the preloaded...Read More

  • Corrugated Gasket

    Corrugated Gasket

    1.process the metal flat gasket to teeth-shaped metal gasket of 90°contained angle. Internal and external positioning ring. To protect flange and ensure effective sealing, the surface sealing layer can be adhibited. The materials may be PTEE, graphite, and specially-processed silver and...Read More

  • Graphite Reinforced Gasket

    Graphite Reinforced Gasket

    1.The graphite gasket made from graphite reinforce sheet and can be processed to be internal ring and external ring . The general thickness is 1.5mm, 3.0mm, 2.0mm, 4.0mm . 2. Application: It has very good sealing performance, low preloaded pressure, and not sticking to the flange sealing...Read More

  • Double Jacketed Gasket

    Double Jacketed Gasket

    Technology The semi-metallic gasket joint is an economical sealing option where sealing faces are narrow, this type of gasket makes it a good option for heat exchanger jointing. The metal jacket provides good gasket stability and blow-out resistance. Selecting the right type of metal will...Read More

  • Double Jacketed Gasket Exchanger

    Double Jacketed Gasket Exchanger

    Heat exchanger gasket is a term used for gaskets used in shell and tube type heat exchangers. This is usually a metal jacketed gasket with a soft filler for higher temperatures. The styles, materials, configurations are limitless.Read More

  • Pure PTFE Gasket

    Pure PTFE Gasket

    Description Pure PTFE Gasket is made by cutting PTFE stick, pipe and sheet into flat shape, V shape gasket and valve annulus. It has 100% PTFE structure. It can be bear the most bitter chemical medium, and has good anti-creeping performance. Prime Features > Acid and alkali resistant >...Read More

  • Modified PTFE Gasket

    Modified PTFE Gasket

    1.Composite gasket of cladding other non-metal metal with PTFE, which does not only have the chemistry repellence performance of PTFE, but also have good tensile performance due to its core materials. It is indispensable in chemical industry and chemical devices. 2.Application: used in the...Read More

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