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Non-asbestos Gasket
- Sep 14, 2016 -

Non-asbestos gasket is according to international using of new products, that ability high temperature, and resistance high pressure, and resistance corrosion, and of products, and is according to various specific workers condition requirements, to non-asbestos sealed material (non-asbestos copy take Board, non-asbestos compression Board, non-asbestos rubber Board, not containing asbestos of material), with mold or various tool stamping, shear and into of various shape of sealed products.

Since 1880, Austria since using compressed asbestos gasket material, has more than 100 years of history, asbestos fiber for its low price, high temperature resistance, high strength, good performance in machinery and transport, oil has been widely used in chemical engineering. However has been internationally recognised that asbestos is a carcinogen. 70 's, non-asbestos plans proposed in many countries, after more than 20 years of effort, United States, and Japan and Australia, has successfully developed a series of non-asbestos gasket materials in 1990, United States Environmental Protection Agency EPA issued Government regulations prohibit the use of asbestos materials and products, now the world's most advanced countries have extended to the areas of application of non-asbestos materials, comprehensive ban of asbestos mate